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Case studies

Carbon Trust Triple Accreditation

ABP Food Group is very proud to announce that we have recently been awarded the coveted suite of Carbon Trust standards for reducing CO2, waste and water. It is great for the company to have these standards moving forward as it showcases what sustainability means to ABP and it also validates our sustainability policy

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Zero waste to landfill

We aim to be running zero waste to landfill across the entire Group by 2015.

As of 2014, we are now running at zero waste to landfill in Ireland (a third of our total sites Group wide). We hoped we could achieve it by 2015 – we’ve done it a year early. This means than we are well on our way to meeting one of our major sustainability pledges.

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The Ellesmere Re-Build

Our ABP Ellesmere development is typical of the action we are taking throughout the Group to embed sustainability at the heart of our operations.

We are investing over £20million and targeting ABP Ellesmere as a carbon neutral operation

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Sturminster Newton

Our innovations at Sturminster Newton are a central part of our pledge to reduce water usage by 10% Group wide.

By re-assessing how we use this valuable resource on site, we have not only exceeded our reduction target at Sturminster Newton, but provided a blueprint for the future.

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Blade Farming - Angus System

Our Blade Farming Angus System is part of our holistic approach to sustainability. By ensuring that our farming systems are expertly planned for consistency and quality, we can ensure that we can save energy, preserve the environment and produce delicious, tender beef.

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Olleco – total resource recovery

Olleco is an ABP company that we have built to recover the value of energy and waste

Through Olleco, we don’t see waste as waste, but as a precious and treasured resource.

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