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Our Blade Farming Angus System is part of our holistic approach to sustainability. By ensuring that our farming systems are expertly planned for consistency and quality, we can ensure that we can save energy, preserve the environment and produce delicious, tender beef.

The system

BladeThe principles of Blade Farming are designed to ensure that that the production of high quality, consistent beef is optimised through a controlled supply chain.

The Angus System is just one example of how that system works in practice, and how our meat is sustainably finished through clear welfare and efficiency procedures.

The Aberdeen Angus cross calves arrive from our rearing units onto the farm at three months old, and are reared to be finished by 20 months of age. Each calf is given the identical feed and environment in which to develop – specifying a minimum grazing time of six months and concluding with a high cereal diet with mineral supplement.

Every aspect of the calf’s nutrition is carefully and considerately controlled; every process streamlined for maximum resource efficiency.

The benefits

Our Blade Farming Angus System delivers succulent, flavoursome and consistent beef to our customers.

But it’s also fundamentally sustainable.

By controlling the supply chain so carefully the system eliminates any avoidable energy usage or wastage.

By focusing on getting more forage from the land that our farmers own, we maximise the environmental yield, providing the highest quality natural feed and improving growth rates.

By having better natural growth rates, we are able to slaughter our UK cattle for the optimum tenderness, at approximately 20 months rather than the UK average of 24 months. This means that we can save valuable energy, feed and water resources while also making significant reductions in terms of methane output.

Furthermore, by teaming up with McDonald’s for the ECO2 project, we have provided the facilities to calculate the carbon emissions produced per kilo of beef, allowing producers to benchmark their own score against top performing farms.

The bottom line

We don’t believe that great taste and quality should ever be at the expense of sustainability.

We don’t think they ever need to be; and our Blade Farming Angus System demonstrates that definitively.

It is a model of our future and another arm of our Group wide 2020 sustainability plan.

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