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Olleco is an ABP company that we have built to recover the value of energy and waste

Through Olleco, we don’t see waste as waste, but as a precious and treasured resource.

The processes

When we approach resource recovery, at the forefront of our mind is how we can extract the maximum practical benefits from materials.

Cutting edge technology at our purpose-built Liverpool plant enables us to produce 100% high-grade biodiesel from used cooking oil – meeting the standards set by EN14214 EU specifications.

We also produce and supply a host of other renewable fuels. These include biodiesel blends, combined heat and power (CHP) and biogas.

As well as converting used cooking oil and food waste, we also have the skills and resources nationwide to provide a wide range of resource recovery solutions; including the collection, conversion and management of glass, plastic, hazardous waste, cardboard/paper and WEEE.

The benefits

By measuring our carbon reductions to the standard of ISO 14064, we have found that the biodiesel we produce provides a carbon saving of more than a 90% in comparison to regular fossil diesel.

The variety of fuels we produce enables us to facilitate customer requirements all year round, helping our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and keeping their costs down.

The bottom line

Our Olleco business is our way of showing just how seriously we take resource recovery.

We’re already setting standards in the field and that’s exactly how we want it to continue

We believe that the work we do with Olleco has huge environment potential; which is why it is so key to our Group-wide sustainability agenda.

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The Olleco Oil Cycle