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Zero Waste to Landfill

We aim to be running zero waste to landfill across the entire Group by 2015.

As of 2014, we are now running at zero waste to landfill in Ireland (a third of our total sites Group wide). We hoped we could achieve it by 2015 – we’ve done it a year early. This means than we are well on our way to meeting one of our major sustainability pledges.

At every Irish site, we implemented initiatives to create a ‘waste heirachy’, helping our employees to see waste in the business in a different way.

We used lean techniques to identify key waste outputs; to re-order materials, increase recycling and forge partnerships with key energy recovery partners.

In the last few years ABP Ireland has sent in excess of 640 tonnes of material to be recycled. As of this year, no waste is going to landfill, with energy recovery companies using all non-recyclable waste for energy recovery. Our waste hierarchy system has reduced general waste by 700 tonnes – or the equivalent of 200 adult elephants.

With these same systems currently being rolled out Group wide, we’re well on track to achieving zero waste to landfill at every site and to developing our lean techniques to reduce all waste production further still.

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