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Welcome to LiveStock

LiveStock from ABP Food Group makes livestock management & well-being easier and more profitable.

At ABP Food Group, we understand that our farmer suppliers provide the raw materials that drive our business. As such, we’re dedicated to nurturing our farmer relationships through innovations such as LiveStock.

Our LiveStock portal is a comprehensive platform for farmers to interact with ABP directly and conveniently. It’s a place where farmers can seek expertise, access their data and optimise their operations.

It’s designed to give farmers the resources they need to increase their animal welfare and commercial success.

LiveStock Portal

What you get from being a LiveStock member
  • Your farm at your fingertips

    Your farm at your fingertips

    Like a bank account for your livestock! Access up to date information on your farm, your livestock from anywhere.

  • 24/7 Support to achieve optimum performance.

    24/7 Support to achieve optimum performance.

    Any questions? Our support staff and experts are on hand to help however we can.

  • A system to suit you and your farm.

    A system to suit you and your farm.

    We provide the tools, advice and technology to make life as easy as possible for you and your farm.

LiveStock Portal

LiveStock Policy

We work to procure all livestock direct from the producing farms without intermediaries adding cost. This way we can maintain efficiencies without any compromise on animal welfare.

At ABP we ensure that:

  • All livestock is bought on a deadweight and grade basis with appropriate premiums/penalties paid for different qualities
  • Livestock is bought as close to the plants as possible to minimise transport costs and maximise welfare
  • We build long term relationships with producers through ‘Producer Processor Alliances’
  • Through employing ‘fair dealing’ practices we pay promptly to the terms agreed
  • Dressing specifications are transparent to the producer and full weight is paid for on each specification
  • We’re innovative in promoting lowest cost production systems with producers
  • We have over 20 years’ Producer Group experience, being the first to recognise that dedicated Producer Partnerships deliver benefits to both parties and ultimately result in consistently superior quality of stock.