NI Teens Beef Up On UK Meat Production With ABP


Pictured at Belfast International Airport on their way to ABP’s sister site in England are from left Lorcan Convery, Belfast Royal Academy; Anna Doole, Enniskillen Royal Grammar; Kelly Stewart, Rainey Endowed Magherafelt and Peter Graham, St Louis Ballymena. The teenagers are all finalists in the ABP Angus Youth Challenge. In total 16 local school children and their teachers went on the farm to fork study tour recently to find out more about ABP’s business in the UK and its beef supply chain. Accompanying them were Arthur Callaghan from ABP Northern Ireland (left) and Charles Smith of the Northern Irish Angus Producer Group. The tour commenced at Loughry College with briefings from the LMC and CAFRE before flying over to visit ABP’s site at Ellsemere, which is one of Europe’s most advanced beef processing sites. The group learned about ABP’s sustainable approach to beef production, visiting one of their farmer suppliers; ABP’s renewables division Olleco which converts waste food from its customers into renewable fuel and also visited one of ABP’s key retail customers.

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